God’s Will Leads to Episcopal Ministry

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Long before the Rev. Adrienne Hymes entered the priesthood, she was following her dream of becoming an actress and stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. But, when she was laid off from her six-figure public relations job, she used that layoff as an opportunity to serve the Lord in a more meaningful way.

“I was gifted with the layoff,” Hymes said.  “I was miserable, and felt that God had a more purposeful life for me that would optimally serve Him and his people. I struggled with saying, ‘Yes,’ to God because I didn’t have the courage to step away from the money.

“It was exactly what I had prayed for.  This whole priestly journey—I really didn’t do that.  I went to Los Angeles to be Oprah, and now I’m the church lady.  It’s all about acceptance.  It really comes down to accepting God’s will for your life, and what that truly means, which can be really hard.”

Hymes has since graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary, became a clinically trained chaplain, and is a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida.  As the Missioner for Church Extension, she has been tasked by the bishop to expand the diocese’s ministry into Wesley Chapel.

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