Wesley Chapel Episcopal Church makes ‘house calls’

The Rev. Adrienne Hymes sprinkles holy water in Pete and Sharon Soto’s Wesley Chapel home as part of a home blessing. (B.C. Manion)

When the Rev. Adrienne Hymes was considering ways to reach out into the community surrounding the new Wesley Chapel Episcopal Church, she hit upon an idea that literally involves making house calls.

She has made herself available, by appointment, to visit a house or apartment — or business or other gathering space, for that matter, to lead a ceremony to bless the space.

Recently, she visited the home of Pete and Sharon Soto, of Wesley Chapel, and read from scriptural text, as she and those gathered took part in a rite aimed at welcoming and acknowledging God’s presence, and asking for blessing and protection.

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By B.C. Manion, The Laker/Lutz News (2018, October 31). Wesley Chapel Episcopal Church makes ‘house calls’. Retrieved from