The St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Wesley Chapel Bishop’s Committee

Mr. Hugh J. Shannon, IV Thumbnail
Mr. Hugh J. Shannon, IV
Officer, Senior Warden, Class of 2026
Mrs. Ann-Marie Coombs Thumbnail
Mrs. Ann-Marie Coombs
Officer, Interim-Treasurer, Class of 2026
Mrs. Lynn Beer Thumbnail
Mrs. Lynn Beer
Officer, Secretary, Class of 2026
Ms. Christine V. O’Donnell Thumbnail
Ms. Christine V. O’Donnell
Junior Warden, Class of 2024
Ms. Carolyn Frances Thumbnail
Ms. Carolyn Frances
Class of 2025
Felicia Garnett Thumbnail
Felicia Garnett
Class of 2026
Mr. LeGrand Jones Thumbnail
Mr. LeGrand Jones
Class of 2025
Char Vinik Thumbnail
Char Vinik
Class of 2026
Ceryl Ohls Thumbnail
Ceryl Ohls
Class of 2027